13 March 2011

The winner is........

Angela of Bags of Angels!   Well done to Angela, your bracelet will be winging it's way to you very soon.   Thank you to everyone who took part, we've had a great time reading all of your captions.   I'll be posting updates on the maiden voyage of the kayak in  a few weeks with the possibility of some even more awful photos!    Hx

8 March 2011

Anchors Away for the first Ivy Dean Designs Give Away!!!

We all do it - those impulse purchases that you cannot resist, they seem like such a good idea at the time.  This is probably my most impulsive purchase to date (let's forget about the Jimmy Choo shoes bought years ago and never worn).  The idea started as "let's get a little boat to enjoy the river on" - I had in mind something with an engine at least.  Seems my boyfriend had a very different idea...............

This is probably the worst photo ever taken of me, (looking like I have my own built in bouancy aid) and I can't quite believe that I'm going public with it but, dear reader, there is a reason.  To launch (no pun intended) my new range of wire wrapped bracelets I've come up with a little competition.  Simply post a humorous caption to the photo above on this blog with a chance to win one of my new wire wrapped bracelets.   Remember to post which bracelet you'd like to win and the winner with the most amusing caption will be announced here (and on the Folksy forums) on Sunday March 13th.   You can view all of the bracelets on my Folksy shop here  http://www.ivydeandesigns.folksy.com/

I look forward to reading your captions - Good Luck!!!

6 March 2011

Poor neglected blog - but look at what I've been making..........

Eventually I have perfected the design of these wire wrapped bracelets.  It's taken every spare minute I've had (not a lot of those at the minute), many,many yards of wire and all my finger nails but here are just two of them for now.   Visit my Folksy store to see the others!